WHY CHOOSE Coeur d’ Alene Kenpo Karate

Improve Physical Fitness & Gain Self-Confidence

Instills Self-discipline & Mental Toughness

Surround Yourself With Positive Influence

Learn Self-Defense

“My son has been going here for 5 years. He has gained so much from this studio and his Instructor. He’s not only learned self-defense techniques but is in the best physical condition, shows respect to others, and knows what you get out of hard work and discipline. What a role model his instructor is and as a parent I happily drive him to the studio everyday day and sit and watch as I’ve learn just as much. Can’t thank them enough.”

Nancy Cheang

“This is the premier karate school in the area. The instruction, discipline and conditioning are unparalleled. I highly recommend.”

Brian Sacco

“CdA Kenpo is a great school. Mr. Ogle puts his heart and soul into teaching and training capable and well-rounded martial artists. If you’re willing to show up, you WILL learn to defend yourself. CdA Kenpo is where technique and skill can be combined with practical application; I encourage you to try the school!”

John Malek

“My grandson’s 1.5 years at CdA Kenpo Karate School has been extremely rewarding for him. Not only is it a great facility but Mr. Ogle and his instructors go above and beyond to create an environment focused on core values and character building. Their dedication and passion has been instrumental in my grandson’s learning journey and progression through the Kenpo Karate ranks. I’ve watched him grow and mature on a personal level as well, specifically his confidence, discipline and respect for others. I’d recommend the CdA Kenpo Karate School to any student who is willing to show up and put in the hard work to become a good martial artist as well as a disciplined, confident and respectful individual.”

Ed Kirwan